About Vail-Summit Orthopaedics

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The elevator is currently under maintenance repair at the Medical Professional Building (US Bank) located at 108 South Frontage Road West in Vail. Patients are asked to schedule appointments at one of our alternate locations. Please contact Vail-Summit Orthopaedics at (970) 476-7220 to schedule an appointment. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Serving one of the most active sports populations in the country, Vail-Summit Orthopaedics (VSO) is designed to meet the unique needs of amateur and professional athletes through sports medicine and orthopaedic care.

VSO's fully integrated approach to injury repair and healthy recovery involves a customized treatment plan for each patient. Sports medicine specialists work with the patient to understand the injury, the patient's overall health and fitness, and his/her particular recovery goals. Treatment options are discussed with the patient and may include a variety of approaches.

If surgery is required to correct an orthopaedic disorder or injury, VSO physicians have access to Vail Valley Surgery Center with two convenient, state-of-the-art facilities in Vail and Edwards.

When the treatment plan requires continued care, VSO physicians refer patients to the area's diverse and exceptional network of physical therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists, alternative health practitioners and nutritionists. VSO works with these specialists to monitor the patient and ensure his/her recovery goals are met.

Vail-Summit Orthopaedics is not owned or operated by Vail Valley Medical Center. To make an appointment at Vail-Summit Orthopaedics, call (970) 476-7220 (Vail) or (970) 569-3240 (Edwards). For more information, visit www.vsortho.com.